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Service Standards for Personal Bank Account Opening

Dear customers,

China Minsheng Bank (the Bank) is committed to providing convenient, secure and efficient personal bank account services, and hereby discloses the service standards for personal bank account opening as follows:

I.Documents Required for Account Opening

1.Chinese citizens who have registered permanent residence in the territory of the People's Republic of China: Resident Identification Cards; Those under the age of 16: Resident Identification Cards, or Household Registration Books.

2.Residents of Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR: Mainland Travel Permits for Hong Kong and Macao Residents, or Mainland Residence Permits for Hong Kong and Macao Residents.

3.Residents of Taiwan: Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents, or Mainland Residence Permits for Taiwan Residents.

4.Chinese citizens residing abroad: Chinese passports.

5.Foreign citizens: passports, or Foreign Permanent Resident ID Cards.

6.Other identification documents as required by laws and administrative regulations.

7.Other identification documents for account opening as required by the regulations such as the Administrative Rules for RMB Bank Settlement Accounts, the Administrative Measures on Customer Identity Recognition and Preservation of Customer Identification Material and Transaction Records of Financial Institutions, and the Notice of the People's Bank of China on Improving Personal Bank Account Service and Strengthening Account Management (Yin Fa [2015] No.392), etc.

II.Simplified Account Opening Service

The Bank provides simplified personal bank account opening service, which requires less supporting materials. After reviewing the valid personal identification documents of a customer in accordance with relevant regulations, the Bank can open a Class I, II or III account with basic settlement functions for them. You can choose whether to accept the simplified account opening service according to your needs.

III. Classified Account Management

In conformity with the classified account management regime, you can apply to open a Class I, II, or III account according to your needs, so as to better ensure the security of your funds. The Bank will confirm with you the corresponding account functions and non-counter transaction limits based on the information and the reasonable settlement needs you have provided.

IV. Charge Standards for Account Opening Service

You can check the charge standards for account opening service in the "Service Charge List" on the Bank's official website or in the "List of Charges for Intermediary Services" presented at business outlets.

V. Time Limit for Account Opening

Please kindly cooperate with the Bank to complete the works including identity recognition and due diligence investigation. When the account opening information you have provided to the Bank is proved to be true, complete and compliant, and the account opening purpose is reasonable and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, the Bank promises to complete the account opening on the same day of application.

VI. Notices

Please open and use bank accounts in compliance with laws and regulations. It is prohibited to rent, sell or purchase bank accounts. It is also prohibited to use bank accounts for telecom fraud, cross-border gambling or other illegal and criminal activities. If your account was used for illegal activities, the Bank has the right to take enforcement measures to restrict account transactions and services in accordance with relevant regulations, and will report to the regulatory authorities or the public security organs.

Please fully understand the relevant legal responsibilities and disciplinary measures for renting, selling or purchasing bank accounts: According to the "Notice of the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the People's Bank of China on Severely Cracking Down, Punishing and Controlling the Illegal and Criminal Activities of Illegal Trading of Phone Cards and Bank Cards According to Law", the units, individuals and related organizers, who are determined by the public security organs at or above municipal level that they illegally rent, sell or purchase bank accounts, shall be subject to disciplinary measures such as suspension of non-counter business of current bank accounts and prohibition of opening new accounts for 5 years.

VII. Supervision and Service Hotline for Account Opening

All business outlets of the Bank have published the supervision and service hotline for account opening in a conspicuous place. If you have any inquiries or complaints about personal bank account opening service, please call the local hotline or contact our customer service hotline at 95568.

China Minsheng Banking Corporation Limited