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Easy Apparel Trading

Product Definition
This is a financial service package integrating transaction settlement, financing, investment, wealth management, financial advisory, etc provided by CMBC to the material suppliers, brand producers, downstream dealers, and terminal franchisees in the apparel industry to meet their demands in procurement, production, sales, etc.
Customers that this product is designed for
Upstream enterprise: Material Suppliers
Core Enterprises: Brand Apparel Enterprises
Downstream Enterprises: Distributors
Terminal Users: Retail Franchisees
Product features
Low threshold: Through “credit lending”, the access threshold for the SME customers in the industry is lowered significantly
More guarantee choices: More than ten guarantee types can be chosen: Corporate guarantees, inventory financing, accounts receivable financing, real estate mortgages, mutual guarantee, etc.
Flexible settlement: Cash, notes, guarantees, L/C, and other methods to meet the settlement needs of the enterprises
Efficient service: Efficient and convenient financing services guaranteed with the expert team and near 10 years business experience at CMBC
Featured Solutions
Financial service solution introduced to the apparel material suppliers, product including: Purchase order financing, invoice financing, goods receipt financing, commercial bill discounting etc;
Financial service solution introduced to the apparel brand producers, products including:Procurement financing, inventory financing, sales financing, bill management, cash management, etc.
Financial service solution introduced to the apparel distributors, products including: Differential repurchase, repurchase by stages, commercial bill discounting, collecting sales capital from different locations, etc.
Financial service solution introduced to the apparel retail franchisees, products including: Tier 1 distributor guarantee, franchisee (retailer) guarantee, etc;
Required Information
Basic information of an enterprise (organizational code certificate, business license, tax registration certificate, loan card, articles of incorporation, corporate identity, etc)
Accounting information of an enterprise (Capital verification, audit, recent financial reports, etc)
Business operation information of an enterprise (qualifications, contracts, invoices, etc.)
Application form for financial service (variety, amount, term, usage, etc)
Other information required by CMBC




上游企业: Upstream Enterprises

核心企业:  Core Enterprise

下游企业:  Downstream Enterprises

终端用户:  End Users

提出申请:  Submit Application

与客户经理接洽:  Contacting Account Manager

选择金融服务方案: Select Financial Service Solution

订单融资: Purchase Order Financing

应收账款融资:  Accounts Receivable Financing

担保融资:  Guaranteed Financing

商票贴现: Commercial Bill Discounting

联保融资:  Mutual Guarantee Financing

授信调查:  Credit Investigation

判断:  Judgment

授信批准:  Credit Approval

享受专享金融服务:  Enjoy “Exclusive” Financial Service

名单内:  In the list

否:  No