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International Cards

Powerful financial functions for enjoying the great international convenience
CMBC International debit card is issued by CMBC and holding various financial functions and value added services like domestic and foreign currency payment, currency deposit, etc.
CMBC International debit card is issued by CMBC and holding various financial functions and value added services like domestic and foreign currency payment, currency deposit, etc. The card includes a series of cards like ordinary card, silver card, golden card and diamond card, according to different requirements. CMBC International debit card has a outstanding business service and powerful financial functions like, our customers can choose whether to activate overseas transaction independently for ensuring the transaction security; customers can handle deposit and disbursement of cash and overseas disbursement freely; VIP can choose the card number and other high-value added services. All our crew members will be sincerely at your service and let you fully enjoy the global convenience that from CMBC International Debit Card.

Global Available Service
When at abroad, this card can be used for consumption or withdraw local cash in more than 22million special emporiums or over 8.7million ATMs with “Visa” Logo in more than 150 120 countries and regions throughout the world. When at home, this card can be used for withdraw cash in the service departments of CMBC and ATM with Unionpay logo, card consumption in Unionpay special emporiums, and transaction of the deposit and disbursement of cash and transfer settlement.

Financial business
The card can open CNY, USD cash and USD call settlement accounts simultaneously, and can transact business of current deposit, Lump-sum Deposit and Lump-sum Withdrawal, Small Deposit and Lump-sum Withdrawal, Interest Withdrawal on Principal Deposited, personal Deposit at Notice, Savings/Time Optional Deposits and “money brings money” business, etc, meanwhile this card can also be used for comprehensive financial business like personal foreign currency exchange trade, bank transfer, fund trade and fee-based business. All account deposit will be computed at the same rate and the same term of lump-sum deposit & withdrawal time deposit and accrued interest according to the interest calculation and clause of CMBC.

Pounds investment freely
If the balance in your USD cash and USD accounts are not adequate to pay for the delivery, the deficit will be paid automatically by the CNY settlement account, making you free from counter purchase and remittance.

Your can visit the CMBC e-bank homepage for changing passport, inquiring bill, oral call-off of loss, transferring account and cross bank transfer, meanwhile your can also deal with personal pounds investment, bank-securities transfer, bank-securities link and fee-based business as paying fees, giving pay packets, etc. The e-bank of CMBC is waiting to provide high-quality service for you.

Global Mobile Roaming optional
You can call CMBC customers service hotline (95568) or visit our outlets to open/close the overseas transaction function of the international card. If it is closed, we will stop all the overseas transaction according to your requirement, for strengthening your card’s ability of security control and risk prevention.

Card Number Choosing freely
VIP can choose your own international card number freely according to your interest to show your unique personality.

Favorable points-accumulation
We will regularly hold activities of preferential point accumulation. According to your transaction counts and amounts, we will calculate point accumulation based on different weight. You can call CMBC customers service hotline (95568) to focus on your points and also our activities.

Security tips
When applied for the Account Instant Messaging, if the transaction counts and amounts are beyond the normal level, we will sent message to your mobile phone for security reminding, making you know your money’s usage maximally and protect your account well.

Non-risk for call-off of loss
If your card is unfortunately robbed or lost, you can visit e-bank of CMBC or call the customers service hotline (95568) to make oral call-off of loss. call-off of loss in time can ensure the security of your money.

Low cost for usage
CMBC International debit card charges non-fee when withdraw cash from different bank’s ATM in the city, so you can just spend the money as you deposit without the anxiety of being fined for forgetting giving back loan. So the usage cost is low.
CMBC International debit card can not only satisfy your request of deposit, transfer and consumption at home, but can also service you well when you are abroad, making your go around the world freely just with one card.