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Domestic Seller/Buyer Factoring

【Product Definition】

For the receivables generated by a domestic seller’s credit sales to a domestic buyer, after Minsheng Bank has received such receivables assigned to it, it will provide the seller/buyer with financing, maintenance of sales ledger, collection of receivables, buyer’s credit risk guarantee and other relevant services. If the entity of business is a domestic seller, these services are domestic seller’s factoring; if it is a domestic buyer, they are domestic buyer’s factoring.

【Applicable Scope】

Domestic enterprises that use O/A settlement for their sales/purchase.

【Product Advantages】

The receivables can be liquidated into cash earlier, so that working capital is more sufficient, and the enterprise’s performance can be better;
Payment of receivables by Minsheng Bank, and the cash discount or financial liquidity obtained due to earlier payment;

The enterprise’s financial position, as well as its financial statement, can be improved;

Minsheng Bank offers credit risk guarantee against the risks related to buyer’s payment, so that the seller need not worry about them;

Professional factors will collect and maintain receivables, helping relieve the client’s pressure of financial management.