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Exit Guarantee Letter

Exit Guarantee Letter is a kind of written guarantee issued to a beneficiary by our bank, promising that once the warrantee staying abroad is unwilling to return to his or her home country, we would carry out liability of compensating the beneficiary (limited to the amount covered by the guarantee letter) as agreed according to your application and your deposits in our bank.

Cash deposit in bank can guarantee your cash to be secure
If Guarantee Letter is opened, interest benefit can be gained during the period of freezing funds
After Guarantee Letter expires, Guarantee Letter covered cash deposit will be automatically transferred to your account of debit card in Minsheng bank.There is no need going to Bank counter.

Service Charges
The open, reissue and extension of Exit Guarantee Letter will be charged 20 Yuan/time, VIP for free.

Application and Approval Process
You should hold ID card, exit contracts, relevant information provided by travel agents (the guaranteed amount, returning date, and account number of Travel Company)
Sign Agreement of Exit Guarantee  Letter
Open a Debit card of Minsheng and deposit some Cash
Issue Exit Guarantee Letter

Service Paths
Any branch of our bank.

Customer service hotline of CMBC will provide 7*24 hours service for you: 95568