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Forex Remittance

Forex remittance business means we can remit foreign currency to overseas accounts with multi-currency and convenient service using advanced system of foreign exchange remittance and capital clearing system.

Forex remittance business includes inward remittances and outward remittance.


1.Convenien t and swift
If you can provide the correct remittance route, telegraphic remittance can arrive in 2-3 working days the fastest.
2.Multi-currency, multi-region
The transfer of various foreign currencies funds can be achieved among different countries or regions (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions).

Application and Approval Process

You need to fill in remittance application form (in English), providing accurate remittance information to ensure payee’s timely receipt of payment:
◆ Remittance currency and amount
◆ Payee’s name and address
◆ Payee’s account number in opening bank
◆ Name of payee opening bank, SWIFTCODE or address
◆ Your contact information

Service Charges
0.1% of remitt ance amount, 50 Yuan at least and 200 Yuan at most

1.Present your identity documents and the commission agent’s identity document if you entrust others to handle remittance
2.Please keep your transfer receipt safe, so we can contact you in case of remittance problems.