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Private Banking Art Museum

Absorb wisdom of former sages, with insights into contemporary arts, provide cultural consulting and appreciating services. Work with famous artists, present masterpieces handed down through history to you, bring you with double added values both spiritual and material.

Art Museum Elevates Your Soul
Sometimes it ’s modern, sometimes it’s ancient;
Sometimes you own it, sometimes you appreciate afar.
Art is the most difficult language to interpret in the world, but interpreted by the world countless times.
CMBC Private Banking Art Museum brings different forms of art to you, so that you can not only enjoy them with ease, but own them as well.

*Successfully completed the Purple Jade Golden Sand Yixing Modern Purple Clay Masterpiece Exhibition
*Gather top artists, enjoy exclusive art exhibition, and ponder freely over artistic life
*Insights into modern art, most profound and meaningful cultural consultation and appreciation services
*Tailor-made works of art, offer masterpieces handed down exclusively for you
*Enhance both spiritual and material values, and exult your taste of life
*Professional services on art investment and art appreciation
*In-depth experience in the National Palace Museum, the Louvre in Paris, and other top art galleries

The meaning of life is to create and enjoy, CMBC Private Banking continues to create the beauty of art and extraordinary value for VIP guests.

In 2013, we will continue to bring the world ’s top art forms to you, reflecting your elegant life with more valuable art.
National Tour on Purple Clay Art: Invite great artists to interpret the purple clay art, and provide suggestions on collection
Top treasure exhibition: Reflect your magnificent life using precious treasure to match your identity
Art of dance and painting exhibition: Introduce international fashion trends, abreast of the artistic trend in the world
Art exhibition and appreciation: Enhance our services and products in the art sector and present more and better artistic enjoyment to our customers
Modern painting and calligraphy exhibition –Invite renowned collectors to interpret on the way to collecting books and paintings and provide suggestions on collection; Art Minsheng Club and you will experience the unique artistic charm of modern calligraphy and painting.
Antique art appreciation –Invite renowned experts to discuss with you on artwork appreciation, experience the charm of antique, and provide timely information on the industry and market.