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Luxury Life from Private Banking

Perishable  fashions with styles remain  forever. Jewelry, watches, wine, cigar  … 


all becomes unique because of you. Private collection of internationally renowned luxury brands, tailored for you.

Pleasant Living and Elegant Life
Not price, not numbers, nor show-off;
It is historic details, stories worth telling, even something indispensable;
That is luxury in our eyes.
CMBC Private Banking Pleasant Living, imparting insights into the true meaning of luxury, interpreting extraordinary values not through secular vision, provide a life style available only to a few successful people.

* Successfully held various top grade  jewelry  appreciation meetings
* Know about what you need, private customization service
* With exclusive fashion experts, fashion will be totally different because of you
* Wine, jewelry, clocks and watches, cigars, high-end liquor etc appreciation meeting

Unique taste, extraordinary insights, CMBC Private Banking  “Treasure Appreciation”top level appreciation activity awaits your coming.

We have many high-end enjoyments customized for you that never stop.
In 2013, CMBC Private Banking will further provide luxurious living experience, allowing each of you, who is always low profile, to experience high-profile fun of life.

High-end sales platform: business jets, high-end liquor, wine, and other high-end life models, lead you to live a creative life through financing advantage
Watch and jewelry national tour: create each noble details for you to enjoy your life

Wine Chateau Direct Voyage Program, agent service for acquisition of overseas wineries: CMBC Private Banking integrates overseas financing and non-financing service resources, serving your needs to purchase wine directly from renowned wineries in France and other countries, and visits to and acquisition of renowned wineries in France. With our services customized for you, during the entire journey you will be accompanied by professionals who will provide you with consultation and professional acquisition advices, to meet your preferences and harvest from this business as an investor.