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Private Banking Business School

Based on global vision, integrate global top education resources to offer you international education services from a full coverage of children education, elite education to top business schools.

Private Banking Business School offers you boundless opportunities for learning
Meet unknown here and foresee the future;
Collide with thoughts here and blend with thoughts;
Understand here your own insignificance and also see your own strength.
Here is CMBC Private Banking Business School, also a  harbor  of life for you to restart your journey, gathering the world ’s top professional instructors, combined with practical experience, teach business skills, and spread independent way of thinking.

* Provide elite thoughts and courses from Harvard, Yale, West Point, and other top international institutions, listen to famous instructors of the world on site, feel the pulse of international business trend

*Provide children education service at first class European and American high schools and colleges, create high-quality, international environment for the growth of children
* Provide diverse international holiday life
* Meet the self-improvement learning needs of you and your family

Learning is a lifelong career, so we continue to gather the world ’ s top instructors and curriculum to support your ambition.
In the year 2013, CMBC Private Banking Business School, continue to select excellent international resources to open your mind and expand your knowledge.

Consultation on study abroad: provide consultation service for your children to study abroad in international first grade high schools, colleges in the U.S., U.K., Hong Kong, etc, bring you high-quality, international education environment for your children.

Overseas immigration consultation: provide consultation services for emigration to the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other countries, latest immigration policies of different countries, customized immigration plan, help you select best living place.

Overseas property advising: Through professional investment advising and globalize property concepts, we offer you with one-stop overseas house purchase service, with comprehensive overseas property market information, overseas real estate price trends, advising on overseas house purchase process, and the steps to purchase overseas property under your control

Summer Camp for your Children: touring top schools in Britain and America, international summer camp, live in local families, enabling your children to taste exotic cultures, immerged in local living atmosphere, learn authentic English, experience extraordinary journey of happy study.