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Private Banking Health Butler

Provide top level medical, nursing, and health examination services of the world. High-end, private, comfortable medical treatment and health care experience, fully meet your individual needs.

Lifetime caring from health butler

You are relied on by your family, who will you rely on?
You shoulder the future of your career, who will shoulder your future?
Health is your responsibility, not only so.
CMBC private banking health butler integrates professional resources, gathering the world ’ s leading health care organizations to provide you with comprehensive health safeguard, and safeguard your future and family.

*High-end medical examination services at the PLA General Hospital
*TCM health care services for you to enjoy healthy life
*Provide specialist clinic in first-class domestic hospitals, exclusive channels for VIPs, experts diagnosing together.
*Go to Switzerland, Germany and Japan for premium youth journey to energize your cells, wake up organic energy, and stimulate vitality of life
*Go to Hong Kong and Singapore for comprehensive high-end  experience;  provide world-class health and medical services, taking care of your health conditions always
*Integrate global medical resources, customize personalized comprehensive medical solutions

Care the health of each VIP customer so that you can conquer everything in your life with perfect health.
In 2013, CMBC Private Banking will provide more health services, caring your health and happiness anytime, so that you need not to worry about your health on your road to success.
Global health examination: mobilize global resources, provide you with services dedicated to your health via first class equipment and experience
International medical beauty service: no matter how fast time passes, your youth will be preserved by advanced technology and clinical experiences
TCM health care services: profound traditional Chinese medicine, unique Chinese characteristics, only serving you who is the best.