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Self-Service Bank

Automatic Inquiry Machine

I Scope of Service

Only local and non-local CMBC cards are accepted at the moment. No other bank card is taken.

II Information Service

Connect the menu and service buttons with touch screen, including introduction to CMBC/Branch introduction/New business introduction/Interest rate inquiry.

III Services for Organizational Cards

(1) Balance check;

(2) History check;

(3) Password change: transaction password and inquiry password

IV Personal Card Services

(1) Check service;

(2) Current account balance check;

(3) Time account information inquiry;

(4) Current account history check.

V Personal Loan Information Inquiry

(1) Account information inquiry;

(2) Repayment details inquiry;

(3) Inquiry on small-amount loans with pledges


VI "Money for Money” Wealth Management Account Check

(1) "Money for Money” account information check;

(2) "Money for Money” account transaction detail inquiry

VII Money Transfer Services

(1) Inside Card Transfer: Current to Time account, time to current account, fixed amount to fixed amount;

(2) Card-to-card transfer;

(3) Card-to-bankbook transfer

VIII Call Deposits

Call Deposits: Call deposit notice; call deposit notice cancellation; call deposit notice inquiry

IX Personal Foreign Exchange Buying & Selling

(1) Real-time transaction;

(2) Listed Transaction: Single-directional listing application, bidirectional listing application, listing inquiry, listing cancellation;

(3) Inquiry on transactions: Real-time foreign exchange rate, balance of tradable account, account history checking and foreign exchange transaction trial model

X Agency Business

Depending on different branches

XI Password Change

Transaction password and inquiry password

XII Auxiliary Services

Bankbook loss registration and reissuance, time deposit interest rate calculator, mortgage loan calculator and etc

XIII Information Services

Guidance on use, introduction to CMBC, new business introduction, branch introduction, interest rate inquiry and exchange rate inquiry

XIV Use Procedures

1. Operations on Menu Buttons

“Menu”: The users can click the menu on the screen and enter the sub-menus;

“Confirm”: Click the “Confirm” button means confirming the entered or displayed information for further operations:

"Back”: Click the "Back” button to go back to the previous operating screen.

“Print”: Click the “Print” button on the screen and print out the papers.

2. Operations for Choice Buttons

When choosing the choice buttons on currency type, period of deposit, deposit type and certificate, click the round selection box on the left. When the round selection box is marked in red, you have chosen this item.

3. Operations for Table Selection

When the choice is a table appearing on the screen, click the square shaped selection box on the left. When selection box is marked, you have chosen the item. When the previous/next page button is in black, you can go to the previous or next page. When it is in grey, no scrolling is allowed.

4. Input Box Operations

Entering the mount: As accurate as 0.01;

Entering the date: standard format is 20010101 for January 1st, 2001.

Click the input box and move the pointer to the input box. Use the change key on the keyboard to change the entered information.

5. Operations on Bankbook

During bankbook addition, the bankbook is turned to the addition page before more pages are added.