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Self-Service Bank

Cash Recycling System

This machine only accepts debit cards, credit cards and settlement cards. 

Main Functions:

1.Inquiry: This machine supports balance-checking with bank card, and balance-checking without bank card (by account number and inquiry password);

2.Cash deposit: This machine only supports deposits made with bank cards issued by China Minsheng Bank. It takes banknotes of CNY100, CNY50, CNY20, CNY10 and CNY5. The maximum amount for a single deposit is CNY10,000. There is no limit for daily deposit amount. 

3.If a banknote is rejected at deposit, it doesn’t mean it is a counterfeit, please take it away immediately.

4. Cash withdrawal: The daily maximum number of withdrawals made with bank cards issued by China Minsheng Bank is 10. The maximum amount for a single withdrawal is CNY10,000. The maximum daily withdrawal amount is CNY20,000. The limits for the number and amount of withdrawals with bank cards issued by other banks are subject to requirements of the card-issuing bank.


Please tap the relevant business interface on the screen, read the instructions, and insert your bank card or put your IC card on the card-reading area according to the instructions. The maximum amount of banknotes presented in the cash out slot is CNY10,000 per time. Please take the banknotes away in time for the following banknotes to come out.

Risk Reminder:

To ensure fund safety, please take good care of your ID card, bank card, password and other valuables and important information. Please take away your bank card when the transaction is completed. In case of machine failure, please don’t leave and immediately call the staffs for assistance.