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Telephone Wealth Management Service

To ensure better wealth management products for the CMBC customers and improve the telephone banking service efficiency, CMBC provides wealth management services on the phone.


I Name of Service

95568 Telephone Wealth Management Service


II Targeted Customers

CMBC Individual Customers


III Service Description

The customer calls CMBC via 95568 before being diverted to the receptionists. After the customer mentions his/her needs, the professional wealth management advisors will provide consulting on the line. The customer can also call 95568 to purchase products, check historical records, withdraw orders and conduct other transactions on the phone.


IV Types of Businesses

Checking on wealth management products

Purchasing of wealth management products

Redemption of wealth management products

Appointed order withdrawal of wealth management products

Historical record checking of wealth management products


V Business Features

The customer can check on and purchase the wealth management products on the phone to save the trouble of travelling to the business points of the bank. The telephone hotline 95568 is always your choice for wealth management!