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Featured Functions

I Debit Card Services
The debit card services including account checking, deposit, wealth management and loan.
1. Account check: You can check on the balance and history of your debit card;
2.Deposit: You can fulfill the procedures on fixed term to current account, call deposit and purchase other products. You can manage your fund online and achieve gains from the funds.
3.Wealth management market: You can purchase the wealth management products. You can also check on the history of the products you have bought.
4.Loan: You can check on the balance, line and details of the loan.
5.More functions: You can open Minsheng Mobile Bank for more conveniences.

II Credit Card Services
We provide you account checking, payment in installments, quick repayment, progress checking,
account opening, special offers, and application progress checking services.
1.Credit line checking: You can check the available credit line, withdrawal credit line and its usage;
2.Transaction history checking: You can check the details and histories of the credit cards. If your signed account has produced RMB account information during the recent three months, the system will automatically display such bills. If signed account has not produced RMB account information during the recent three months, the system will automatically remind you and provide the links for you to check on the foreign currency bills, histories and other signed accounts;
3.Repayment in installments: you can apply for our free in-installment or phased in-installment services. You can check on the procedural fees and explanations of the business services during different stages. You can also add other credit accounts under your name into the list;
4.Quick repayment: You can use you Minsheng Debit Card to repay the money for credit cards in real time. You can choose ATM, online bank, Point of Business, Lakala and telephone bank for such repayment;
5.More functions: We also provide you checking services on special offers, points, account opening and progress.
III Minsheng Home
Minsheng Home providesyou with extra services including appointment with bank branches,
special offers, recommended businesses, points for products and other services.
1.Bank branch appointment: You can make appointments with the Minsheng points of business near you or in designated places. You can apply online to save the waiting time;
2.Recommended businesses: We provide information on delicacies, entertainment, shopping, sports, hotel and lifestyle of the businesses as well as their special offers, contact number and address to enrich your life;
3.Special offers: We help you gain information on hot events and special offers;
4.Credit points city: You can fast check your credit card points and electronic bank points in exchange for gifts online.
5.More services: You can active Minsheng Mobile Bank to enjoy more services.

IV Customer Services
1.Robot Customer Service: You can enter text into the dialog box and ask Xiao Wei all your questions. She will do her best to answer all your questions;
2.Receptionist customer service: If Xiao Wei can not solve your problem, she will lead you to a receptionist. You can also enter “receptionist” in the dialogue box to enjoy our services;
3.Suggestions and Opinions: Should you have any questions or suggestions on our WeChat bank, you can enter “Suggestion” or “Opinion” in the dialogue box. You can choose to send a message within the limit of 150 Chinese characters.