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CMBC UnionPay Debit Card serves as a financial instrument of payments and settlements for saving deposits,consumptions,transfers and bill collections.
1. One Card with Multiple Accounts
CMBC UnionPay Debit Card can have multiple accounts accommodating more than one currencies, such as,RMB,USD,HKD and JYN,and many deposit types,such as current deposit, Lump-sum Deposit and Lump-sum Withdrawal, Small Deposit and Lump-sum Withdrawal, Interest Withdrawal on Principal Deposited and Deposit at Notice, making it possible that one card has several accounts facilitating management.
2. One Account with Many Cards
One or two auxiliary cards can be attached to one personal popular debit card, which facilitates the family financing. More than one auxiliary card can be attached to one Business Card.
3. Business Consumption
CMBC Business Debit card can be used for official consumption for the convenience of financial management of corporations.
4、Savings Deposit
Different saving accounts can be opened with UnionPay Debit Card, which renders convenience of deposits and withdrawals, avoiding the trouble of many passbooks and deposit certificates.
5、Treasury Bond Purchase
With CMBC Bank Union Debit Card, Treasury bond can be purchased through online banks or any CMBC branch offices.
6. Money MultiplierTM Financing
With capital management ratio of money multiplierTM financing scheme agreed upon, customers can enjoy the convenience of current deposit and withdrawal as well as the interest return gained from fixed deposit of different terms, therefore, the maximum profit can be achieved without frequent operation of fixed deposit.
7. Deposits and withdrawals can be done; accounts can be opened and closed at any CMBC branch offices
Deposits and withdrawals can be done; accounts can be opened and closed at any CMBC branch offices by simply using CMBC UnionPay debit card.
8. Automatic deposit, withdrawal and transfer
Deposit, withdrawal and transfer cash can be made at your will through CMBC ATM.
9. Shopping
CMBC UnionPay Debit Card can be used for consumption anywhere, at which a POS is installed.
10. Remittance
Intermediary Banks both home and abroad can remit to CMBC UnionPay Debit Card through Bank Alliance. CMBC Bank Union Debit Card can also remit money to accounts opened at other banks.
11. Small Mortgage Loan
RMB individual small mortgage loan can be applied with the mortgage of undue fixed deposit in the card if you are in dire need of emergency money.
12. Instantaneous Information about Accounts
After signing agreements with CMBC, customers can be informed with all instantaneous information by text message in case of any changes in the account, it is rapid and convenient.
13. Individual Foreign Exchange Trading
Customers can do individual foreign exchange trading with us. CMBC offers several means of services, such as, branch services, automatic query terminals, online banking services, and 95568 telephone banking services, etc, with which to achieve free trading at anytime anywhere.
14. MoneyStock PassTM
CMBC offers the service of MoneyStock PassTM cooperated with several major security companies, which enables customers to invest directly in stock market with the card issued by CMBC. One card can be utilized for many purposes, such as, stock investment and consumption, without the troublesome capital circulation between banks and security companies.
15. Transfer by using MoneyStock PassTM
Several of CMBC branches hold the function of Silver Card Transfer, which is a way for customers who are accustomed to make stock investment in security companies to transfer capital.
16. Open Fund
Open fund service is available to customers holding CMBC cards. Such services include fund subscription, application for purchase, redemption, precontract redemption, fund transfer and withdrawal, etc.
17. Agency Collection and Payment.  
Enterprises and institutions can entrust CMBC to pay salaries and property management fees. As the network between CMBC and Telecom, Mobile, Administration of Water and Electricity has been built, customers can pay their telephone bill, water and electricity bills through CMBC branch offices, telephone banking and online banking, etc.
18. Air Tickets Booking and Purchase  
Air tickets booking can be made via a CMBC UnionPay Debit Card in branch offices of Beijing, Wuhan and Chongqing, etc; customer’s traveling is greatly facilitated. He can either get his ticket delivered at home or collect it at the airports.
19. Telecommunication Value-Added Services
The cooperation between CMBC and China Unicom enables customers to use 193300 long-distance phone, 17910 IP phone and make 165 Internet fee payment by using CMBC UnionPay Debit Card.
20. Lottery Purchase  
Welfare Lottery operation has been opened at branches in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing, by which customers can enjoy the lottery without going out of home by using CMBC UnionPay Debit Card.
21. Online Payment
CMBC keeps expanding online business partners so that our customers can do shopping from them and make payment by using CMBC UnionPay Debit Card.
22. Comprehensive Points-Accumulation
We will develop long-term points-accumulation of CMBC UnionPay Debit Card from time to time so that our customers will have the opportunity to get rewards from various activities.
23. Joint Network and Operation
With the rapid development of bank alliance network, CMBC card-holders can inquire, withdraw, consume and transfer in any bank union network.
24. 95568 Customer Service
95568 customer service system is one of our advanced systems in CMBC, which provides different self-service business, such as, oral report of losing, passcode alteration, information inquire of different accounts, transfer, individual foreign exchange trade, MoneyStock PassTM and special payment. Moreover, 24-hours inquire and claim transacted by our personnel is offered.
25. Online Banking
Our online banking system is strictly certified, safe, fast, and convenient with various functions, such as, oral report of losing, passcode alteration, information inquire of different accounts, saving financing, agreed transfer, inter-cards transfer, individual foreign exchange trade, MoneyStock PassTM, special payments and information value-added service.