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Personal Internet Banking

Popular Version Online Bank is the basic online bank version provided by us. You can check on the balance and transactions of your account via the popular version online bank. You can also convert your current account into a deposit account, manage you money under the “Money Makes Money” Plan, purchase wealth management products, buy and sell foreign exchanges and enjoy credit card services.


1. Charge free with convenient procedures.
With your Minsheng Card, you can log onto the official website of Minsheng Bank at www.cm.bc.com.cn and register for free.
2. Rich functions with convenient operations.
On the Popular Version online bank, you can check on your account balance, make time deposits, purchase "Money Makes Money” wealth management products, buy T-bonds, buy and sell foreign exchange, enjoy credit card and international card services to meet your daily financing needs.
3. Prohibited money transfer transaction to ensure safety.
On the online bank money transfer transactions have been barred. Whenever you’re making a time deposit, purchasing a wealth management product, buying T-bonds, buying and selling foreign exchange, the money is always flowing in your account.
4. Credits for online bank usage in exchange for extra value services.
Whenever you’re buying wealth management products or buying and selling foreign exchange, you can get credits for your usage. Through Credit Management, you can check on you online bank credit. You can also exchange the gifts you desire in the shopping mall on the website of Minsheng.

Service Charges
Free service fee for the Popular Version Online Bank.

You can log into our website at www.cm.bc.com.cn and apply for opening of your Popular Version Online Bank in the logon area on the left. After application becomes successful, you can use your Popular Version Online Bank immediately.

Service Path
China Minsheng Bank Website (www.cm.bc.com.cn)

You need to enter the password of you Minsheng Card on the Popular Version Online Bank. If you have forgotten your password, you can go to the counter or ATM for password resetting.
We provide 24/7 services on the Popular Version Online Bank. If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer hotline at 95568 at any time.
You can conduct experience-type online payment transactions on the Popular Version Online Bank. If you need to experience it, you can activate it through “Service Application”. You can only activate once for each Minsheng Card.