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Smart Home Card

Six convenient technologies of CMBC change your life

Convenient payment of the expenses of family living. Convenient signing of contract and payment of living expenses may be realized through online banking of CMBC. (Expenses include water, electricity, gas, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, cable television). save time, say good-bye to the annoyance of queuing.
Mobile payment of CMBC. If the card holder has mobile phone with NFC function and China Mobile SWP-SIM card, the card holder can complete card issuance, electronic cash earmarking, query and consumption through mobile phone. Convenient and quick consumption. (to be launched soon)
CMBC consumption return system (CMBC electronic gift certificate). CMBC provides electronic cash return system at special merchants for consumption using the card. The system will generate a certain proportion of electronic gift certificate througn card consumption at the merchant and such electronic gift certificate may offset the corresponding money amount for subsequent card consumption at the merchant.
The card holder may enjoy exclusive privileges and discount at several merchants in the whole country (The latest version of the merchants providing exclusive privileges needs to be confirmed with branches.) One card with all privileges
Bank on hand, mobile banking. On the basis of basic financial functions, some featured functions are added to mobile banking of CMBC, such as receipt and payment by two-dimensional code, large value funds transfer, cross bank account management, fund concentration, real time transfer and remittance, mobile phone number transfer (cross bank permitted), outlet number queuing, wealth management products supermarket, exclusive wealth management for mobile banking, cash withdrawal without card.
CMBC accumulated points exchange gift. Accumulated wealth points of the card holder at CMBC may exchange necessity for life.