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Foreign Exchange Machine

I Introduction

XDM is a multi-purpose self-service banking device. Its functions include foreign exchange, automatic deposit and checking. Its foreign exchange function is to convert foreign exchange (bank notes) into RMB (bank notes plus coins). The five accepted currencies include US dollar, Japanese yen, British pound, Euro and Hong Kong dollar. During exchanging, the maximum number of bank notes is 15 (placed in one by one).

At present, we have installed XDMs at Shanghai branch and Marriot Grand Hotel only.


II Service Functions

Foreign exchange rate checking

Foreign exchange conversion

RMB deposit, cash withdrawal, balance checking, transaction password resetting and money transfer for CMBC bank cards

RMB deposit and balance checking for UnionPay bank cards


III Foreign Exchange Conversion Process

The foreign bank notes accepted by CMBC now include: 10USD, 20 USD, 50 USD and 100 USD; 5 Euro, 10 Euro, 20 Euro, 100 Euro, 200 Euro and 500 Euro; 1,000 yen, 5,000 yen, 10,000yen; 20 50 HKD, 100 HKD, 500 HKD and 10,000 HKD; 5 GBP, 10 GBP, 20 GBP and 50 GBP.

Please press the following red button for foreign exchange conversion. After the green light on the left is on, put all the bank notes into the machine. Continue to put more bank notes into the machine or confirm the amount according to screen instructions. The screen will display the currency type, face value and exchange rate. When continuing to put more bank notes into the machine, please note that:

1) The bank note should be the same as the bank notes already put into the machine;

2) Please put one piece of bank note when the green light is on. The upper limit is 15 bank notes.

After the transaction is confirmed, please wait for the cash coming out from the cash exit hole. If the customer has failed to take out the cash within given time, the cash will be swallowed by the machine. If the customer wants to cancel the transaction, please press “Cancel” button. And then the foreign bank notes put into the machine will be rejected.


Explanation on foreign exchange conversion

1) To avoid equipment failure during cash dispensing, it is generally required that each conversion amount shall not exceed the following: 600USD, 4,500HKD, 65,000Yen, 300GBP and 450Euro. Multiple conversions can be made for large amounts of cash.

2) The foreign exchange rate shall follow the standard published by the headquarter of the CMBC. The RMB amount is deducted to the yuan. For example, 100 USD is 821.4 RMB but the machine will pay you only 821RMB.


IV Bank Card RMB Deposit/Cash Withdrawal Procedures

The operating procedures of cash withdrawal are the same as the ATM cash withdrawal.

The deposit procedures are similar to the ATM deposit operations except the following operations:

1) After choosing the “deposit” transaction, put into the machine one piece of RMB whenever the green light goes on;

2) The maximum number of bank notes is 15.