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Smart Home Card

Six exclusive services of smart home card

Regularlly launched exclusive wealth management of smart home card
load“combined deposit and loan function”, apply for“smart home loan” with priority
If the card holder opens a card and purchase exclusive wealth management product, the card holder will be donated with “family property protection insurance or older and children accident insurance RMB 100,000” (100,000 shares totaled). (Budget: unit price RMB 30* 100,000 shares= RMB 3,000,000). Exclusive family insurance of smart home card is launched with insurance companies.
Opening of the card needs not application. Short messages account Instant messaging and money produce money business will be opened automatically.
Consulting service about traditional Chinese medicine nourishing of life and healthcare. CMBC provides card holders with 360°comprehensive consulting service about traditional Chinese medicine nourishing of life and healthcare including "physical therapy, food therapy, medication" by cooperating with“Gushengtang”, one-to-one healthcare service of famous traditional Chinese medicine experts. Service telephone number: 4006122888. (Concrete service privileges are in carrying out.)
Professional travel family service. CMBC coopreates with Tujia.com, and provides your family and friends with online searching, query and transaction service of resort apartments at sightseeing places for travelling together. Service webpage: www.tujia.com. (CMBC plans to regularlly hold exclusive seckill activities for card holders.)