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Fangxi Loan

  • Product Introduction
    Fangxi loan is a RMB micro-credit service aiming to customers having a new high-quality housing mortgage loan for their personal consumption purposes.

    Customized for the Bank's customers having a new high-quality housing mortgage loan.

    Basic Conditions of Borrower
    1.Natural person aged 25 and above;      
    2.The borrower has a good credit record;
    3.Has appropriate repayment ability and assets;
    4.Other conditions specified by the Bank.

    Application and Approval Processes
    1.You may go to any outlet of Minsheng Bank for application.
    2.Loan process
    Loan application → Lending investigation → Relevant information collecting → Loan examination and approval → Loan contract signing and granting.

    Materials to Be Provided
    1.Certificate of identity and marital status of the borrower and spouse;
    2.Proof of income and assets;
    3.Additional materials to be provided as required by the Bank.

    1.This page is for reference only; the specific business process standards are subject to the provisions at the local outlets;
    2.For any services, please call 95568, the 24-hour customer service hotline of Minsheng Bank.