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The structured trade finance is one of our characteristic financing services, the core business model is “professional identification of risks and risk control in process”. Through professional and comprehensive structural arrangements based on the principle of “financing, integrating wisdom and resources”, the future cash flow of the client is considered as the sole or main source for the re-payment. It is dedicated to providing enterprises with innovative financing solutions, as well as comprehensive and in-depth financing service programs. The structural trade finance is featured with two prominent characteristics: the self-liquidating and the medium and long-term loan. For the former, the future cash flow from project or trade is the source of re-payment, which is the most remarkable difference from the financing which based on existing corporate financial strength and comprehensive business capacity, thus it can resolve the financing needs resulting from private owned enterprises’ failure to provide the pledge guarantee recognized by the bank in traditional financing method. For the latter, the financing period is above one year regardless of going global, shipping or Long-term order finance

The structured trade finance center of CMBC trade finance department consists of five offices: Overseas Investment, International Contracting, Long-term order, Shipping and Commodity finance, and so far it has offered various loan financing of over USD 3 billion to the acquisition, merger, participation, development, Greenfield investment, privatization delist, photovoltaic power station construction, road, water affairs project contracting and the deep processing of agricultural products in more than 30 different industries in foreign countries; it has provided the Long-term order financing of RMB 12 billion to over 80 enterprises; it has assisted over 20 backbone shipyards in exporting over one hundred ships and more than 10 private ship-owners in purchasing over 30 ships; in 2012 the amount of commodity finance reached RMB 163 billion.

In the future, we will cherish the responsibility and mission of supporting and serving private enterprises, and continue to give a play to the role of our advantages in profession and high efficiency. We will be oriented towards the integrating all resources and offering comprehensive finical solutions including financing, devote ourselves to effectively resolving private enterprises’ financing problems, and endeavor to develop a batch of private transnational enterprises to rank among Top 500 in Asia and even Top 500 in the world.



Contact Information: The Structured Trade Finance Center, CMBC Trade Finance Department                


Address: Room 909, South Building, No. 2 Avenue inside Fuxingmen, West City District, Beijing;


100031; Fax: 010-58560587


Overseas Investment Finance:           Zeng Yong            Tel: 010-57093616

International Contracting Finance:     Wanfeng               Tel: 010-57093628

Long-term order Finance:                    Zhang Junrong    Tel: 010-57093663

Shipping Finance:                                  Peter Pan             Tel: 010-57093618

Commodity Finance:                             Chen Yi                 Tel: 021-61877203