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Financing for Shipping

Scope of business: We provide medium and long-term loan to overseas borrowers to support them to place new orders, repaire or modificate ships in Chinese shipyards. We accept the Ships including but not limited to Bulk Carrier, Tanker, Container ship, Offshore and other special ships.

Business characteristics: To energize Chinese local private shipping companies and private shipyards;
Focus on project financing: Single Purpose Company acts as Borrower and mainly rely on the cash flow of the long term Time Charter;
Provider of industrial chain financing: one of few domestic banks which can provide Buyer's Credit and Seller's Credit simultaneously;
One of the few banks which is engaged in finishing ship financing.

Business situation: We have supported over one hundred and eighteen(118) ships with a total capacity of six(6) million DWT; and established good relationship with  fifteen(15) shipyards.