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Financing for Overseas Project Contracting

Scope of  Business: We support international construction projects and export of capital goods including electromechanical products, large complete equipment and hi-tech technological products, by providing facility to Chinese exporters/contractors to satisfy their financing demand to execute commercial contracts and offering financing support to overseas importers/project owners or their banks to make payment to Chinese exporters/contractors under commercial contracts.

Business characteristics: Through the flexible combination and rational application of the Letter of Guarantee and export credit products, considering each milestone of international contracting project, we design overall financing solutions and offer appropriate financing service at each time point and satisfy the financing demand during the whole project process.

Business development: Since 2006, we have supported over 120 overseas projects in more than 30 countries and regions.
Target projects portfolio includes: Road construction, oil and gas projects, bridge, harbor, public infrastructural facilities, real estate, power station, and etc.