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Private Banking Enjoys Sports

Higher, faster, and stronger, more immersive, be a witness at the venue of the world ’s top events, feel life from sports.
Love sports and foci in the world
The business world is like a venue of sports;
Sometimes you are a spectator observing the outcome with composure;
Sometimes you are an  athlete  participating into competitive games.

CMBC Private Banking Love Sports, operating global top events, bring you to the stadiums to appreciate the great athletes, and you also have opportunity to compete with them in the game, so that you can enjoy the fun of competition.

* Only what you like, only what you love, witness on site, go for it if you want to
* European Cup, World Cup, Olympic Games, F1 and other sports feasts waiting for you to enjoy
* Exclusive top VIP hospitality, experience the stun of international top events

“European Cup Tour”will not only let each participating VIP to experience European style, but also allows them to leave irreplaceable prints.

In 2013, CMBC Private Banking is integrating international top sport products to provide better services, allowing each winner in business campaigns to shine in the venue of sports.
Global golf reservation service: linger in the world ’s top events, and enter the rank of world-class players in confidence.
Golf elite invitational: Golf heroes get together, while heroes are not counted on scores
Global top events VIP spectator plan: gather annual top events, easy booking, visiting the venue and observe the best players in person