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About the Club

HuaShan Club,known as “the Club of Trade Financiers” before, is an innovative platform for fostering interactions and communications between Minsheng Bank and its top customers by sticking to the development strategy of “growing with the private companies and serving private customers”, fully leveraging the advantage of SBU operation t system and insisting upon specialized professional services in  the trade finance business. It is abrave  practice initiated by Minsheng Bank to ensure fast and continuous growth.

In August 26, 2011, HuaShan club was founded in the ancient town of Xi’an. The 20 original members come from the  core customers of the Trade Finance Department, including 7 Financial-steward  Customers. The total assets of the 20 members   reach nearly 300 billion RMB. There are three conditions for  admission into the club. Firstly,  a good reputation as an entrepreneur. We do not base our assessment on corporate scale or ranking. Only a good-behavioured entrepreneur can ensure a sustainable growth for the enterprise.  Secondly, the growth potential of the enterprise. In one segmented or niche market, the enterprises which have good growth potential and might become a leader in its own sector might be the apple in the eyes of the club. Lastly, this relationship should be based on deep needs between the Bank and the customers. For the Bank, customer demand means greater value for the company; for the customers, they can have access to full-range financial services. Both parties need to weather through all difficulties and share success and growth.  

HuaShan Club has the principles of “cooperation, integrity and win-win results” and “accumulating resources for common development”. It is bonded by the trade finance business and provide full-range solutions for the members on financial resources and business strategies by sharing resources of the members, to ensure sharing is coming from the thinking level to the resource level, fraternity is becoming teamwork and dream is becoming realities. We intend to build our club into a platform for resource and information sharing and business exchanges for our members.